Store every Bit, KiloBit, MegaBit, GigaBit of your files

Save your precious file, in multiple ways.

SonicBit Cloud Storage

Your Digital Space

Store any type of digital file such as your photos, videos, music, recordings, arts, and more. Our service is accessible to all your computer, android and iOS devices.


Your connection our cloud is secured by SSL. We keep all your data encrypted.


We value your privacy. All your data is safe with us. Only you will able to access your files. You have your own space, where nothing else there.

Easy Access

Quick chat helps you to Keep in touch with your friends and colleagues while working. It has a unique responsive design.

Image Editor
Edit your image files. You can resize, crop, rotate, change brightness and apply our stunning presets to make your image look better.
Upload Files In Multiple Ways
Add your files from somewhere with ease.
Dark Mode and Color
You can change the application theme to light or dark, and change the color scheme for your convenient.

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